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International Centre for Geopolitical Studies is nongovernmental, noncommercial legal entity acting in compliance with the Constitution and laws of Georgia and Charter.

Goals of the Centre

  • Promoting the geopolitical security of Georgia;
  • Promoting the political and economic development of Georgia;
  • Promoting Georgia’s integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures;
  • Promoting democracy within the country;
  • Promoting Georgia on the international arena.

Forms of Activity

For the achievement of the goals provided hereunder, the Centre:

Gathers, studies and analyzes the necessary information on policy, economics, human rights as well as in social-environmental, cultural-educational and other spheres;

  • Provides monitoring over the fulfillment of Georgia’s international commitments;
  • Develops special programs and implements the relevant programs;
  • Engages in scientific-research and educational activity;
  • Cooperates with analytical centers around the globe, local and international governmental and non-governmental organizations and private entities;
  • Formulates conclusions and recommendations;
  • Forms database;
  • Prepares periodic analytical information on the geopolitical events unfolding in Georgia and abroad, highlights such events in the media to inform the society and government agencies;
  • Engages in translation and publishing activities;
  • Organizes presentations, exhibitions and other law-permitted events;
  • Establishes representations and branches within and outside Georgia;

Conducts any other activity not prohibited by law.


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