Friday, April 19, 2024
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Ambassador of Republic of  Slovakia at the Museum of Occupation in Gori

სლოვაკეთის ელჩი გორის ოკუპაციის მუზეუმში

On 22 of March 2018 Ambassador of Republic of Slovakia HE Rudolf Michalka visited Museum of Occupation in Gori. Chairperson of ICGS Nato Bachiashvili and head of "Friendship Bridge Kartlosi" Megi Bibiluri hosted him. Governor of Shida Kartli  Kakha Samkharadze, Mayor of Gori Konstantine Tavzarashvili, head of Gori Sakrebulo – Giorgi Razmadze and rector of Gori State University  Giorgi Sosiashvii also participated at the meeting.

Museum of Occupation in Gori was opened with the financial support of the Presidential Reserve Fund. The project has been implemented by the Public Union - Bridge of Friendship "Kartlosi". The project aimed raising public awareness about Russia's military aggression and Occupation.



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