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National Security and Diplomacy Course's Graduation Ceremony

National Security and Diplomacy Course's Graduation Ceremony

On 4 of April 2014 Special Course National Security and Diplomacy for the personnel of Defence Ministry and General Stuff organized by International Centre for Geopolitical Studies was officially completed. Defence Minister Irakli Alasania and Chairman of ICGS Tengiz Pkhaladze congratulated the students on successful completion of the course and awarded them with certificates.

"During the course the participants had many discussions, specific conversations and debates; they also referred to national security, military diplomacy, military protocol and defence management issues. Civilians and military servicemen had opportunity to deepen in analysis how to manage the defence structure and make appropriate assessment of the geopolitical environment in the region", outlined Defence Minister Irakli Alasania.

National Security and Diplomacy Course began in September 2013. Within the course 20 representatives of the MoD and General Staff learned Geopolitics, Economy security issues, Negotiation skills, Conflicts and diplomacy, Diplomatic protocol and etiquette, Defence and security, Intelligence theory and Strategic Risks analysis.


The course participants discussed the issues in an interactive format. Within six months of the course the experts of International Centre for Geopolitical Studies delivered lectures to the personnel of the MoD and GS.

Deputy Defence Minister Tamar Karosanidze, Rector of National Defence Academy Zurab Agladze and representatives of International Centre for Geopolitical Studies (ICGS) also attended the course closing ceremony.


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