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NATO-All for one, one for all

NATO-All for one, one for all

On 30 of November 2017 with the initiative of International Centre for Geopolitical Studies, very interesting and fruitful discussion was held with Ambassador of Czech Republic HE Tomas Pernicky  about NATO as a guarantor of global peace and security, experience of successful integration of Czech Republic to the Alliance, Georgia's perspective to join to the Alliance, bilateral relationship between Czech Republic and Georgia in this regards.

Students of Caucasus International University, Sulkhan Saba Orbeliani Study University, GIPA and Gori State University were participated in the discussion.

Discussion is a part of the project of ICGS "NATO-All for one, one for all, NATO- the History of Successful Transformation" - public lectures and discussions with Ambassadors of NATO allied countries regarding NATO- guarantor of global peace and security, experience of successful integration to the Alliance, countries before, and after Joining the Alliance, Security guaranties and obligation regarding member countries.

The project is supported by NATO PDD and NLO Georgia.



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