Friday, February 26, 2021
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Project - "The School Children – Juvenile’s Rights and Responsibilities"

Project - "The School Children – Juvenile’s Rights and Responsibilities"On 17 of October 2011 International Centre for Geopolitical Studies presented the new book "My rights and responsibilities" to the senior students of №157 public school.  The book was published at the framework of the project "The School Children – Juvenile’s Rights and Responsibilities", and intended for young students of 14-18 ages.

The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Mr. Dimitri Shashkin, and the head of academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mrs. Khatia Dekanoidze were attending the presentation.

The essence of the book is to prevent law violation among young people of 14-18 ages, develop their consciousness pertaining to violation of rights and responsibilities identified by Georgian legislation, also incidents of law violation committed by them and the responsibilities foreseen by the law.

The book provides information about the rights and responsibilities young people acquire as they reach young adulthood, how the law protects their rights and what responsibilities they carry upon its violation, - supplemented by practical examples presented in common language. The most common law violations are also emphasized in the book.

The book also includes the most recent legislative changes, norms of civic and criminal law pertaining to under ages.

Financial supporter of the project: Civil Institutionalism Development Fund.


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