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"Negotiations and Peace Process Architecture" - lessons learned from the Western Balkan cases

Negotiations and Peace Process Architecture lessons learned from the Western Balkan cases

On 14-17 September 2017  International Centre for Geopolitical Studies (Georgia) in cooperation with Crisis Management Initiative (Finland) organized workshop for high level Georgian Government officials "Negotiations and Peace Process Architecture" in Batumi (Georgia).

The theme of the workshop: Lessons learned from the Western Balkan cases.

During the seminar was discussed  3rd party intervention in Kosovo and Bosnia cases - Successes & challenges of mediator’s role -  discussion with Ambassador Wolfgang Petritsch (President, Marshallplan Foundation and as President of the Herbert C. Kelman Institute for interactive conflict transformation in Vienna.  EU's Special Envoy for Kosovo (1998-1999); EU chief negotiator at the Kosovo peace talks in Rambouillet and Paris (1999); High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina (1999-2002).)

Presentation of experts - Pavle Dimitrijevic and Tatjana Popovic: Background information on Kosovo & Serbia, understanding the overall context, timeline of the peace process, practical aspect of the Brussels Agreement, dynamics in South Serbia.

The participants of the workshop were from various Georgian institutions, such are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Ministry for Reconciliation and Civil Equality; the Ministry of Defence; the Ministry of Internal Affairs; the National Security Council; the State Security Agency; State Security and Crisis Management Council, and others.

This workshop was organized financial support of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland as part of CMI's programme partnership with the Ministry.



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